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Mayra Flores fires back after being called 'far-right'

I was raised with the same family values she was raised with, and the days Democrat politicians only want: death for our un-born children, high gas & food prices, and schools that indoctrinate!

About Campaign Dollars

"What people don’t know about running for office and I am learning."

I want to address a question Talkshow Host, at 710AM, KNUS, 9:00am to Noon on Saturdays, Randy Corporon, asked me: "You don’t need donations?"

I do need donations, but, according to the current Secretary of State, Jena Griswold, a Democrat, if we who are running do not declare in March that we are accepting donations, set up a bank account separate from our personal account, we, the candidate, can be fined or charged a fee of $50 each day after the set date!

What don’t I agree about this rule is that Ms. Griswold's office is over seeing it and is not transparent about where and to whom this "taking of money" is going.

Also, there is a $400 cap on how much in donations we, the candidates, may accept, unless we have twenty-three million Polis-dollars of our own money to pay for our campaign, or can sponsor House Bills which would force new homeowners to have solar panels added to the cost of their homes by the company owned by Alex Valdez.

For the last twenty-eight years I have run a nonprofit, Innervision. I have learned the rules of doing business in Colorado, and how it can cost small organizations if we do not learn how to read the fine print.

So, what I do ask of you, the grass-roots people, is to call me direct, or read my list of volunteer opportunities, and give of your time. And, in return, I will work hard for you to:

  • stop this overreaching of Denver that is charging us fees
  • stop adding regulations on our gas and oil production
  • no longer keep our Tabor Tax Money; only giving $400 of it back to bribe us to re-elect a heartless governor
  • return the forty percent of our small businesses Polis/Valdez destroyed
  • put a stop to hiding from parents what the Denver Public Schools are teaching our children
  • stop defunding our peace officers and not prosecuting criminals, such as car thieves and bank robbers!

Randy Corporon, Colorado RNC person, thank you for the question and your leadership!

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